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Whether you are an Indie Author or an Author Assistant looking for resources on how to do everything from Building a Brand to FormattingUploadingMarketing & Beyond,

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The Self-Publishing Mastery Course is designed to teach you everything about Self-Publishing (or Indie Publishing) even if you don’t know one…single…thing about it. You can learn all the details about the course here.

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Learn More About the Self-Publishing Mastery Course

The Self-Publishing Mastery Course is your one-stop training location to learn everything you need to know to self-publish and market your book. It starts at step one and is even for those who don’t even understand what self-publishing is.

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What Can an Author Assistant Do For You?

Even if you can’t afford to hire an assistant right now, you probably know someone who can help with these tasks (spouse, child, parent, friend). Often, they will work for free to help you out until you are making enough to hire them on full-time.


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Every author needs a mailing list. Let us take you through each step from choosing your email provider to creating your first list and sign-up form, then on to getting more subscribers. Check out this FREE course.

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