Can't Afford To Hire an author assistant? You might not have to

The one thing that most Indie (self-published) authors have in common is that they want to write and make a living doing it. While there are different opinions about how to do almost every step in the process, everyone agrees that it is an enormous amount of work—so much work that many indies decide they just don't have the time to write AND handle all of the branding, formatting, uploading, social media, marketing, and other tasks involved in a successful writing career. The obvious solution is to hire help, but most beginning writers can't afford to hire someone to handle all of those tasks for them, so many of them succumb to the overwhelm and give up on their dream.

so what's the answer?

When Bethany Claire started her writing career, she jumped into it determined to make it work. After all, she dropped out of college to pursue her dream, and she had a lot to prove to herself and to her family. She didn't really know anything at all about the self-publishing process except what she learned at the RWA (Romance Writers of America) national convention that she attended with her mother in Atlanta. The two of them attended every session they could on self-publishing, took frantic notes, and returned home determined that while it was going to be a lot of work, it was nothing they couldn't accomplish.

So...that mom was me, and my "little girl" had just started a venture that I had never even heard of prior to the day she came home and said she was dropping out of college to pursue her dreams. If you are a parent, you know that you will do just about anything to help your kids when they are passionate and willing to work hard. I could tell she wasn't playing with this, and I had read her book and knew she had the talent to make it happen. So, even though I was working full-time as a school technologist, I spent every spare minute reading every book and blog, watching every podcast, and perusing every online site about self-publishing that I could. When I learned something that I thought would help, we talked about it, implemented it, and evaluated the results. I had no intention of ever doing this as a job. I just wanted to help her.

After less than a year, she hired me full-time to be her "official" assistant. And after almost four years of working together, we have created quite a team. She is a USA Today bestselling author and has made WAY more with her writing than she ever would have if she had stayed in college and graduated with her teaching degree.

find someone who loves you and wants to see you succeed

So if you need some help and can't afford to hire someone, think about the people in your life who love you and really want to see you succeed. It might be a spouse, parent, child, friend, just someone who is willing to help you as much as they can just because they love you. Even if they don't know anything at all about self-publishing, I guarantee you, they can learn. Several of the authors who have gone through our course have acquired the help of a friend or loved one, and they are accomplishing so much more with their help. There are wives, husbands, and daughters who are working right along with their "authors" to build their businesses.

If someone is willing to spend some time learning something new, whether they do it through our course or not, they can become a real asset to your writing business, and you might not have to pay them at all, especially if they will benefit from your success. So spend some time and think about the people in your life that might be willing to help you and propose that you make this journey together. You just never know what you might be able to accomplish together.

let us teach you and/or your assistant

Click here to download a list of tasks that an assistant can do for you. When you download the list, you will see a lot of tasks. Just think about how delegating just a few of these tasks could help you in your business. Some of them may be things you are doing yourself right now. Some may be things you've never tried but your business would benefit from if you did. Talk to a friend or loved one and see if they would be willing to learn how to do some of these tasks for you.

And if you are an author and want to learn more yourself, check out our Self-Publishing Mastery course. It teaches you how to do all the tasks, other than writing, that self-published authors have to do. So sign up yourself, sign up your new assistant, or sign up both of you. We would love to help you become the newest indie success story.